Learning is more than ever important and valuable. People learn throughout their lives: formal learning at educational institutes, non-formal in training and at work and everywhere informal. People are encouraged to invest in their potential.

The changing socio-economic, socio-cultural and technological landscape is changing and moreover is the speed of this change increasing. The security of a job-for-life is changing into the security of job-hopping. Also several professions are getting obsolete and replaced with new professions, often with a higher qualification, arise. These ever faster going developments in the network society requires that the prevailing systems of professional training and education are adjusted and innovated.

It is almost impossible to predict what a young person needs to learn for life, when we consider that school going children will most likely have to work until 2080 or later and new-born will live into the new century.

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Our latest projects

StartEndAbbreviationProject Title
20172019VPLB33rd VPL Biennale
20092011ALLUMEA Lifelong Learning University Model
20112014ALLinHEAccess to Lifelong Learning in Higher Education
20132017ALLMEETActions of Lifelong Learning addressing Multicultural Education and Tolerance in Russia
20182020Bridge+Building up Regional Initiatives to Develop Skills-based GuidancE: A digital multi-actor approach
20072010OBSERVALEuropean Observatory of non-formal and informal activities
20132017ESRALEEuropean Studies and Research in Adult Learning and Education
20102012RVA-NSLinking recognition practices to qualifications Frameworks: North-South exchange of experience on national developments
20052007VPL2Managing European diversity in lifelong learning
20082010RPLORecognition of Prior Learning Outcomes
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