Drs. Seerp de Blauw

E-mail: seerpdeblauw@ec-vpl.nl
LinkedIn: LinkedIn Drs. Seerp de Blauw

Mr. Seerp de Blauw is board member of EC-VPL. He studied New and Theoretical history at the University of Amsterdam and Indonesian Language and Culture at Leiden University. He worked as a teacher, dean and board member in secondary education and adult education.

He specialized himself in curriculum development and assessment. After ten years, he became teacher in didactics in human sciences and specialized in citizenschip and lifelong learning. Within the same University of Applied Sciences, he became general-manager and director of the School for Tomorrow and ICT-Entree. These institutes aimed at supporting education in ICT-training, coaching and assessment.

Later he was asked to become member of the board at the Teacher Training College for Secondary Education of Inholland University. As project manager, he was responsible for (foundation of) the EVC-Centrum (VPL-Centre) and Language Centre of Inholland University. He managed these centres for four years and organized and developed procedures, instruments, training and education for teachers and employees in educational and care institutions. From 2010 as ambassador of the Teacher Training College became responsible for regional project for citizenship; the cooperation between several secondary schools.  He participated in European projects in lifelong learning (Erasmus+) and was a member of the Regional Cooperation in Amsterdam between all Educational Institutes.

As a member of the National Assessment-group of Teacher Training Colleges he wrote and developed procedures and instruments for the national framework of VPL, targeting employees who chose to become teacher. As part of lifelong learning he designed and implemented assessment courses for basic and expert assessors. He also works as external assessor in secondary and higher education institutes.