Ir. Kees Schuur

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Mr. Kees Schuur is board member of EC-VPL. He will be managing the training-unit on portfolio-management. He has wide experience in this field as board member of the foundation CH-Q NL/B that focuses on increasing personal entrepreneurship through sustainable and effective personal self-management of competences. During portfolio-trainings target groups make visible their competences and create bridges with employers and other stakeholders.

He managed/-s a diversity of national and European R&D projects in the fields of LLL, VPL, ICT; co-author of “the unfinished story of VPL”. He is also director/senior consultant of UWEZO, a company that focuses on a holistic approach of the lifelong, formal, non-formal and informal learning, developing entrepreneurial individual and groups in an ever-changing social, economic and technological society and as certified portfolio-trainer he emphasizes the need for bottom-up approach in competence development . As certified portfolio-trainer and board member of the Foundation CH-Q, he emphasizes the need for bottom-up approach in competence development and the implementation of the CH-Q bottom-up method in Europe.

He works as a project-manager, senior expert, researcher, consultant and trainer in innovative EU and national projects in the field of developing innovative, creative new ways for lifelong learning, of recognition of acquired competences (VPL) to value learning, of lifelong learning, of informal learning and informal recognition, e-learning and volunteering.

He was field operator for the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), for research, training and reorganisation assignments in Somalia, Barbados and Italy.

He was teacher agricultural and horticultural engineering and Informatics at a vocational school  and he worked for a national support organisation developing, introducing and implementing new methods, new technologies and new educational materials (engineering, food technology mathematics, physics) at vocational schools in The Netherlands

He also worked in the EU-‘project Writing Theatre’ as national manager and as developer of educational material. In the project ARTPAD (Achieving Resilience Through Play and Drama techniques) he works as a researcher on how (freely chosen) play and drama positively influences the learning and learning of children outcomes and learning and the development of the training for teachers.