Researches in Adult Learning

"Researches in Adult Learning" is a book about the growing importance of adult lifelong learning. This book represents several European contributions that guide the reader in the comprehension of the paradigm shift towards adult (lifelong) learning.











Sava, S. & Novotny, P. (eds).


Firenze Univeristy Press




The project ‘European Scientific Research-program on Adult Learning & Education (ESRALE)’ contributes to solving these deficits in a holistic approach by (1) opening up and widening access to higher education (HE) programmes for adult learners, (2) fostering the European dimension in HE-curricula ánd research-programs on adult learning, (3) building up a European doctorate programme and a research school for lifelong learning-professionals (EQF-level 8). In this way ESRALE aims to have impact on Europe’s challenges by further developing and implementing a lifelong learning-culture in academic study and research programmes that will strengthen the position of (future ánd existing) professionals on the labour market and in social and citizenship activities. Access to ánd tailor-made learning opportunities on HE-levels for all is at the heart of Europe’s problems on the one hand. On the other hand it is also the field where solutions may be found.

The creation of a sustainable lifelong learning-culture in HE is at the heart of the project. This needs, first of all, a shared and acknowledged concept of validation of the learning outcomes of the practitioners in the field of lifelong learning, including a knowledge base on validation. Secondly, it needs a modular, basic program for practitioners to prepare for and to strengthen their personalized approach in the lifelong learning arena.

This book is one of the outcomes of the project and highlights the many ways to enhance ALE in Europe. EC-VPL's contribution is in pages 175-195.