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A Lifelong Learning University Model

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The LLL perspective is the backbone of the European education and training strategy. This strategy has been reinforced by additional initiatives aiming to contribute to the results of surveys (Treds V, Beflex) show a contrasted situation between countries and institutions. There is no common understanding, no real commitment from a majority of rectors, no clear vision of what has to be done. However, the universities' commitment is crucial to reinforce the contribution of education and training to achieving the Lisbon objectives. Access and participation in HE of young generations but also of populations already engaged in working life is crucial. EUA presented in 2008 a ULLL Charter addressing the implementation of LLL strategies in HEIs. But a Charter is not enough. The challenge is now to make this Charter a reality. To carry out the Charter requires the elabouration of shared and integrated strategies at institutional level and the provision of flexible learning opportunities, organisations, and services. ALLUME intends to contribute in this implementation process on the basis of best practices at work in universities having already developed successful LLL strategies. ALLUME intends to define and promote guidelines to assist European universities to become LLL institutions.

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