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Federal State Scientific Institution "Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Professional Education of the Russian Academy of Education"
To create a scientific and methodological support solving problems of vocational education in 1976 was opened in Kazan Scientific Research Institute of Technical ofessionalno Pedagogy of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR (PTP Research Institute of Pedagogical Sciences of the USSR). The idea of ​​creating the Institute belonged S.Ya.Batyshevu, ordered the opening of the Institute was signed (1975). President of the ALP V.M.Hvostovym. Adopted at the same time the USSR Government decision to establish on-site two-year vocational three-year secondary vocational schools (vocational school) led pedagogical problems: what programs for the three years of training a contingent of vocational school will be able to master a two-year high school program and at the same time two-year program is vocational; how to raise interest in the vocational school in general subjects - physics, mathematics, literature and chemistry. The first director was Academician Mirza Ismailovich Makhmutov. From 1992 to 2012. STI Director, Academician of RAO UES was Guzel Valeevna Mukhametzyanova. A more than 30-year history the Institute has undergone several renaming. Since 2003 it is called the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of Professional Education of radioactive waste. Currently he manages intsitutom Corresponding Member RAO Farid Shamilevna Mukhametzyanova. The Institute of 8 research laboratories, has a post-graduate course and Dissertation Council on 3 psycho-pedagogical specialties, a Center for International Cooperation and academic mobility. The Institute has a modern editorial and publishing database, publishes peer-reviewed journal in the list of VAK of the Russian Federation "Kazan pedagogical magazine." The Institute carried out on the basis of a systematic and comprehensive approach fundamental and applied research in a wide range of issues of national vocational education (management of vocational training, content and technology training and education of professionals in vocational education at various levels, psychological and socio-psychological foundations of vocational education and others. ). The innovative character have performed at the Institute of Research on the development of the methodological foundations of modeling of integration processes in the contemporary professional education, psychological and pedagogical conditions of socialization and formation of readiness of students to the demands of the modern labor market, teaching, scientific and methodological foundations of the implementation of the competency and awareness-environmental approach in a system training of workers and specialists. The leading role of the Institute in the global and domestic psychological and pedagogical science of vocational training confirmed his participation in 6 international projects (TEMPUS-IV (Round 5 and 6), TRIPLEIErasmusMundus partnership, the Fulbright Program, GlobalEducators' Program, InternationalFellowshipsProgram (Ford Foundation), the German Service Academic Exchange (DAAD), and others.). The Institute maintains constant contact with academic specialists in the field of vocational training, social work and social education of students from the US, Britain, France, Germany, China. Double-teams of the Institute became laureates of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of education (2005, 2008.)