European Centre for Valuation of Prior Learning

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The Foundation European Centre for Valuation of Prior Learning studies, accumulates and distributes information on all aspects of VPL, such as national and international information pertaining to VPL projects, procedures, instruments, financing, yield and legislation.

Incidental bottlenecks in the sphere of legislation and regulations are surveyed and discussed with the responsible authorities.

VPL stands for the Valuation of Prior Learning:

Valuation shows the real human potential on the basis of the analysis and valuation of personal competencies; Valuation of Prior Learning is the process of (a) assessing and validating personal competences within the social-economic context and (b) offering a personal development-strategy;
VPL focuses on the individual perspective and makes the (public and private) system customer-driven for the sake of personal development;Organisations benefit from VPL since individuals develop within their context.

Main goal: empowering individuals and organisations to serve their summative & formative purposes by defining and creating zones of mutual trust for the use of valuation-principles in the main European learning cultures: Anglo-Saxon, East-European, German-dual, Mixed/Dutch, Romanic-French, Scandinavian and South-European

Objectives based on this general objective:

  • To contribute to the Commission’s framework for Common European Principles on Validation of non-formal and informal learning (CP) to Lifelong Learning,
  • To show the role of the decision makers in the chain of services available to individuals and organisations,
  • To show the socio-economic possibilities and advantages of individual empowerment in the context of Lifelong Learning, to manage European diversity in lifelong learning by exchange of methodology, instruments and good practices.