Building up Regional Initiatives to Develop Skills-based GuidancE: A digital multi-actor approach

The BRIDGE+ project establishes concepts of regional skills development and guidance supported by digital infrastructures. Existing regional career guidance networks will get better access to innovative technology such as competence balancing software, skills management systems.

Central Aim of the BRIDGE+ Project

In the framework of the BRIDGE+ project, the participating municipalities, regions and partners aim at building up, testing and implementing new strategies of skills development on a regional level supported by innovative technology. These regional initiatives will include relevant groups of actors – above all, companies, career guidance organisations, educational institutions and individuals – and interlink them in the framework of personal and virtual networks and platforms. During the training sessions, these actors will learn how to use innovative technology for competence management and career guidance according to their needs. They will also be motivated to use the tools as “bridges” to the partners, allowing a constant dialogue on future work and learning – the most important pillar of labour market skills intelligence.

These initiatives will be implemented in the framework of existing multi-actor career guidance and education networks of the 5 European regions: Baden-Württemberg (Germany), Basque Country (Spain), Brittany (France), Jämtland (Sweden), and Steiermark (Austria).

The main goal of the project is to tackle skills mismatches between demands of the world of work and competences of employees or candidates. With the help of ICT tools, relevant skills and competences shall be made visible in the two directions of companies and individuals, and be accessible for career guidance officers. Respective activities will be developed at a regional level in close cooperation with the relevant actors.