PEPPY is finished – the results are there…

The PEPPY methodology, its innovative nature, and how it can be employed as a non-formal learning method for obtaining skills and competencies have proven its value. Responses in this pilot project were positive, and points for improvement were spotted. These points were mainly suggestions for alterations, improvements, and adaptations. With the implementation of the PEPPY … Read more

ValChild Newsletter 1

ValChild is an Erasmus+ project that deals with the Validation of Prior Learning of Childminders (NL:Gastouders / DE:Tageseltern / FR:assistent maternel/garde d’enfant / GR:(= φύλαξη παιδιών)
This first ValChild newsletter describes in brief the project.

VINCE 5th Newsletter

In this 5th newsletter:
– Launch of VINCE Policy Recommendations.
– VINCE prototype course for validation professionals.
– VINCE Validation Prize 2019 – FINALISTS ANNOUNCED!
– Final Symposium of VINCE – 14 November 2019.
– VINCE Partnership

3rd Newsletter LeverUP

LeverUp is a multi-sectoral tool for the validation of transversal competencies acquired in non-formal/ informal learning. The piloting phase allows for participation in a variety of roles from different sectors and fields.

Partnermeeting München October 9/10, 2017

While existing practice in Validation of Prior Learning (VPL) has strong potential to support the inclusion of newcomers in Europe, there is clearly a need for adaptation of the processes and procedures and training of validation staff to exploit this potential and implement the adaptations. For this purpose, the 2nd partner meeting focused on collecting good practices on national levels in Europe.