Training course The Hague

Within the project ALLMEET in accordance with the stated aims and objectives, the European Centre of Commons prior learning assessment “(abbreviated” VPL “), for the second time, organized a training course for representatives of partner universities of the Russian-European consortium of international grant TEMPUS” Organization of learning throughout life, multicultural-oriented education and educating tolerance in Russia»(«ALLMEET 11-15 January 2016, the Hague, Netherlands.

European Centre “VPL” collects and distributes information regarding all aspects ofcontinuing vocational training systems, procedures and instruments for its evaluation, financing and legislation in this area. Lately, due to the processes of globalization and integration in terms of scientific and practical interests of the Centre’s staff also includesissues related to the formation of tolerance, as well as conflict-free interaction and a meaningful multicultural communication research and practice Faculty of European universities; achievements in addressing these issues, they generously shared with Russianpartners in the project.
The training was attended by members of the international consortium-representatives ofSiberian Federal University, Institute of pedagogy and psychology of professionaleducation (Kazan), Moscow city Pedagogical University, public organization “VOLUNTEER”.

Also within the framework of the training held exchanges of views and knowledge on the challenges and barriers to the establishment and functioning of the multicultural platformsin the regions; for the preparation of project monitoring January 22, 2016.

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